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What is ZerO3 Chemical Free Technology?

ZerO3 Chemical Free Cleaning Technology is the use of Aqueous Ozone to clean for you. But what is Aqueous Ozone? Aqueous Ozone is one of the world's most powerful natural cleaner that cleans, removes stains, deodorizes and sanitizes while it is working killing up to 99.999% of bacteria. Aqueous Ozone also cleans and sanitizes 50% faster than standard chlorine bleach.

I have never heard of Aqueous Ozone before, what is it?

Aqueous Ozone has been around since the 1840s when it was discovered in Germany. France started using it for drinking water purification in 1906 and then was even approved by the EPA as being antimicrobial in 1976. They have used it in the Olympic Games competition pools in 1984; USDA Organic Program approved as well as the FDA food saftey approval in 2001 and 2002. The great thing is it's something that everyone has - water.

How is Aqueous Ozone is different than Water?

Ozone (O3) is a very strong sanitizer and cleaner that occurs naturally when lighting or sunlight adds any extra oxygen atoms to the regular O2 molecules floating in the air. Some of this ozone then becomes infused into rain drops which results in naturally formed Aqueous Ozone. This process of converting regular water to aqueous ozone is miniaturized into every one of Tomcat's ZerO3 Chemical Free wall mount systems. Aqueous Ozone is just like all of the popular Oxy- cleaning products on the market, because it starts and ends with regular water it creates no fumes, gases, toxins, residues, that can be disposed of with no environmental concerns.

How Does ZerO3 Work?

Step 1:

Oxygen from the air is turned into Ozone then infused into ordinary tap Water creating Aqueous Ozone.

Step 2:

The Aqueous Ozone is drawn to Bacteria, Germs, and Stains.

Step 3:

Aqueous Ozone is harmless to people in low doses but quickly attacks and eliminates Contaminants.

Step 4:

The radical Oxygen Molecule is lost while all of the Organic Matter is Oxydized.

Step 5:

Pure Oxygen and Water only remain after the Ozone attacks all Contaminants.

Do I get LEEDS Points for ZerO3 Chemical Free Cleaning?

Yes! ZerO3 has earned properties up to 3 "innovation points". These are discretionary points awarded for implementing processes or products that are innovative and help improve indoor air quality. We also improve the gray water discharge because no chemical residual and significantly reduce the "chemical miles" associated with conventional chemistry. "Chemical miles" means raw materials made, shipped to blender, who manufactures, packages and inventories packaged chemical. It is then shipped to distributor who inventories it, ships to end user. User puts in inventory, uses it and throws away packaging. With ZerO3, product is made on demand.