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Clean Caddy Sanitation System


The Clean Caddy Sanitation System was developed to give the user the ability to neutralize and kill the source of malodor and disease causing micro-organisms without having to physically touch the surface while cleaning. This means no longer will employees work on their hands and knees wiping contaminated fixtures by hand. By empowering your employees to quickly and sanitarily clean with the Touch-Less Clean Caddy Sanitation System overall morale is raised while decreasing labor costs.

Cordless Tomcat EDGE® Stick Machine


The Cordless EDGE Stick Machine was designed to bring to the user the easiest and most hassle free way to scrub and strip floor finish off of surfaces chemical free. With no cord, you don't have to constantly be thinking about not getting tangled up, along with the positive about having batteries on the machine - it makes the machines heavier meaning even more pressure behind the scrubbing of your floors.

Tomcat EDGE® Scrubber Series


The Tomcat EDGE® Floor Machines were such a success that we decided to add the technology to our Walk-behind and Rider scrubber machines to make the task even easier. We added the Tomcat EDGE® Surface Prep head onto our MicroMag, MiniMag, Magnum, and GTX.

MicroMag Series


Introduced in April of 2011 the MicroMag is just as it says compact scrubber but the power beyond its size.

Tomcat EDGE® Series Stick Machine


The Tomcat EDGE® floor surface preparation machine has a square head that can get into the corners and right up to the edges of rooms.

270 Series


The 270 burnisher was added to already great line up of burnishers. This is a walk behind machine with a 27 inch burnishing head bringing more productivity to a walk behind then ever before.

TR Series


Introduced in Sept of 2009 the TR took the Model 48 sweeper with upgrades, more industrial welds, stronger side brooms, and numerous operator enhancements.

Brett Favre as Spokesperson


GTX Series


The GTX rider scrubber replaced the 250 machine with upgrades, more industrial tanks, side brooms, and numerous operator enhancements.

OnBoard Soap (SUDS)


In ever increasing trend for operator ease and simplicity, we began offering an automatic diluting chemical system on all scrubbers.

XR Series


Replacing the outgoing 390 chassis, the XR brought many new improvements and innovative ideas to the mid-sized rider scrubber segment.

255-XL Series


While many customers were pleased with the 8-hour run time on the 275, many others wanted a less expensive and more compact machine with equal burnishing power.

MiniMag Series


The underperforming 2023 was replaced after too short a time with the MiniMag. The key failure was resolved, by offering the smaller chassis in both pad assist and traction, and also the inclusion of a cylindrical deck offering. It immediately outpaced the 2023, and combined with the Magnum grew our walk behind sales by 40 percent in a single year.

Magnum Series


Intended to replace our most successful walk behind scrubber, the 2000 series, the pressure was high to deliver. It's tip back tank design gave us the ability to show off the massive frame and HD components on the machine.

200 Series


With the proven performance and toughness of our rider burnishers, moving to into the walk behind category made perfect sense. This unit is one of few all steel and high performance units on the market today.

250 Series


The first rider scrubber that is significantly smaller than most walk-behinds. Able to bring the productivity, capacity and comfort of a rider to customers in a package and price that was that of our competitor's walk behinds.

275 Series


The 275 rider burnisher was introduced.

2023 Series


Our first Brush Assist scrubber and tank in tank design, the 2023 brought on HD build to costomers with limited space and budget.

Color Change from Tomcat Yellow to Granite


With a couple comments and us using our heads, we realized that a bright yellow coating for a machine that will get scuffed up isn't the best. We came up with the Tomcat Granite we still use which is designed to hide any scuffs or scratches due to the variety of colors actually in it.

297 Series


The sweeper version of the burnisher. Many of the larger accounts elected to go with our equipment, since a single chassis could be purchased as a scrubber, sweeper and burnisher, with over 90% of the parts interchangeable.

295/335 Series


This represented our first effort to use a single chassis for multiple categories. The burnishers featured a number of concepts that proved strong enough to seek patents on.

390 Series


290 Series


Didn't take long for us to add the cylindrical deck and side brooms.

3000 Series


With the success of the mid-sized 2000 series, we opted to design a larger version for accounts with larger facilities.

2000 Series


Our first attempt at utilizing a roto-molded tank as the primary shape of the machine. We continued to utilize the steel frame as the central mounting point for all components. Also the first time we offered a machine with 7 different scrub deck, including both disk and cylindrical. Second in the industry, we were an early promoter of an Industrial cylindrical scrubbing system, which was a favorite of machine shops who struggled to collect metal chips.