USGBC Member

United States Green Building Council

"Our national member organizations come from every industry from big companies and small businesses to nonprofits and governments... ...which offers unlimited new opportunities for connecting individuals and businesses with the people, information and ideas they need to be part of the rapidly growing green building industry."
-Taken from the USGBC site

The USGBC has developed a rating system for measuring how environmentally friendly and productive their buildings are, whether new or old. The system they created is called the LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, in which they provide owners and operators of buildings a framework for identifying and installing practical and measureable "green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions."

How is Tomcat involved in LEED?

LEED measures a variety of different factors of having a building and sustaining it's performance. Tomcat machines help in select groups helping your overall LEED credit score increase such as:

  • Water Efficiency - USGBC categorizes that this goal encourages inside your facilities and out a smarter use of water because buildings are the major users of water. Water reduction is generally achieved by switching to more efficient appliances to help with your water needs - such as our EDGE or ZerO3 technology. EDGE uses Water-free stripping methods and ZerO3 creates aqueous ozone so there is no need to double clean things to get soap or cleaner residue off. Our SUDS systems also use water effectively by use of slowly distributing soap directly at the brush level of a machine to garuntee that it is the right concentration and not having to use extra water to get it off.
  • Materials & Resources - This category is defined in the construction and operations phase of buildings for the amount of waste and large amount of materials and resources that are needed. Our machines are all equipted with a Inline Strainer in our tanks to help clean waste water so that other waste is not disposed of into our water supply and making sure other waste materials caught, are directed to the specific area to be disposed of correctly. Our ZerO3 technology uses no chemical cleaners and cuts the waste of other chemicals in the floor cleaning process - from the birth of the floor throughout it's lifespan. Our EDGE oscillating scrubber technology promotes up to a 70% reduction in waste water and other soaps.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality - "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans spend about 90% of their day indoors, where the air quality can be significantly worse than outside... ...[the] category promotes strategies that improve indoor air..."

    Tomcat has addressed air pollution since the birth of our sweeper machines. All of our Floor Sweepers use the finest on the market in terms of air filters that are 1 Micron rated and also have dust prevention skirts. This creates less air pollution in closed spaces. Also, all of our scrubbers have the automatic squeegee vacuum on them which allows for immediate dust collection when it comes to floor refinishing, rather than having to vacuum it up later and possibly spread it into the air.
  • Innovation in Design - This category as defined by USGBC provides LEED points for projects that imporove a buildings performance well beyond what is required by use of new innovative technologies. We at Tomcat are constantly improving our machines to run the best possible as well as provide the best cleaning methods possible. With every design we create we are looking for the most innovative, yet simple to understand and operate, products and technologies and are constantly working to deliver new instruments into the Floor Cleaning Industry to better suit the growing need of being Green.