• Tomcat Concrete Diamond Polishing System

    Deep clean your industrial or commercial concrete floor to a "like-new" glass finish. This Floor Polishing System allows the Operator the ability to transform your floor from an ordinary concrete floor into a beautiful, smooth, high polishing surface.

    Tomcat Commercial Concrete Polishing System
  • Tomcat Diamond Polishing Blades Are Easy To Change

    The polymer blades are designed around removable, slotted retainers. Instead of having to replace the entire tool due to wear and tear, simply order a blade replacement kit and save money.

    Easy To Replace Broken Polymer Blades Makes Tomcat Diamond Polishing The Easiest Floor Polishing Solution On The Market!
  • Diamond Polishing Concrete Restoration System

    Make your floor shine again! With the Tomcat Diamond Polishing System you can smooth and polish your floors to a brilliant shine on any one of our Floor Scrubbers!

    Tomcat Diamond Polishing System you can smoothe and polish your floors to a brilliant shine
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Tomcat Diamond Polishing Concrete Floor Tools

The Tomcat Diamond Concrete Polishing System is completely unlike any other on the market today. The system begins with a floor preparation phase and walks through then a series of steps of polishing. The Tomcat Diamond Polishing System will work with any of our disk floor scrubbers. Once the multi-step process of floor polishing is finish, the system will actually continually improve the look of your floor every time you clean and polish it.

Do You Have Dull Concrete Floors and Want Them To Shine?

If so - Tomcat Diamond Polishing is exactly what you are looking for. Tomcat's 7 Step System is easy, safe, and Chemical Free! No need for chemicals at all to clean your floors with these Diamond impregnated blades.