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Tomcat Floor Equipment is Proud to Offer Chemical Free Solutions

What is Green Cleaning?

"Green cleaning means the use of those products and services that have a lesser or reduced impact on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose." Source: ISSA - International Sanitary Supply Association

Who are the authorities in Green Cleaning?

Find Out More about the US Green Building Council Find Out More about ISSA Find Out More about Design for the Environment

"How do we Green Clean?"

Our Machines Last Longer:

  • We build machines in a heavy-duty fashion so that they will last a long time and give at least 25 years of service for all the wear and tear this type of would receive. This means over all less raw materials being used up as well as less scrap going to dumps.
  • Our steel parts are all powder coated to protect against erosion as well as to be the most ecologically sound "painting" process.
  • Our machines are programmed with a second delayed start to put the least amount of strain on any of our motors.

Water and Soap Conservation:

  • We believe in conserving water and implemented an electronically generated pulse to careful control water output.
  • Soap and water go hand in hand and overuse of soap will cost more and also not clean as well. For this we created our SUDS (Super-concentrated Universal Dispensing System) which injects the soap right at the brush, rather than having it flow through any valves.
  • We also have our "Drain Saver©" catch system in all tank to catch and hold the debris picked up from the ground so that it won't pollute our sewer systems and can easily be emptied into the garbage.

Emissions and Air Pollution:

  • None of our machines produce any greenhouse emissions due to the fact that they are all battery-powered unlike propane or diesel powered machines.
  • Along with emissions that can be a problem, dust can also be emitted from the scrubbers and sweepers. We have fine tuned all of our virtually permanent filters to a 1 micron filtration instead of the normal 3 microns to reduce in dust pollution.

Specialty Design:

  • When we design any of our machines, we have always been very environmentally conscious. Though there are some customers that want do even more than we have from the get go. We invented our ECON system switch for those consumers. ECON allows an automatic 30% reduction of water and soap sent to brushes along with reduction of power sent to the traction, brush, and vacuum circuits.