• Product Change Bulletin

Tomcat Product Change Bulletins

Product change bulletin's provide you with what has been changed on a machine. These changes are for the better, whether it be design improvment, stronger materials, or aestetic change. Only the most recent and relevant PCB are listed here. Please look around and check back from time to time, these are full of usefull information and spell everthing out for you that is needed.

Tomcat Product Change Bulletin

PCB-652 NANO EDGE Changes
We have changed the standard build of our NANO EDGE AC units. They now include a few things that used to be add on options such as: Trigger assembly and Carry Strap.

PCB-653 XR Tank Support
We are now installing a metal support bracket on our XR Recovery tanks to prevent warping in the field.

PCB-651 Cylindrical Deck Motor Spacer
Change from using washers as spacers to using a solid motor spacer plate.

PCB-650 Cylindrical Bolt Together Deck
Change from welded to bolt together deck design.

PCB-649 Tire Tread Change
Change of tire tread on walk behind scrubbers.

PCB-648 CEC Rated 12V Charger
CEC Rated Charger now available for GT Sweeper

PCB-647 New Water / Dust Skirt for the NANO EDGE
The NANO EDGE now has an optional Water / Dust Skirt which can be easily installed after purchase. This removable Skirt helps keep the amount of water splashing or dust billowing when working with the…

PCB-646 Stainless Steel Packages & New Standard Squeegee Trail Arms
New Stainless Steel Environmental Package is available. Standard Squeegee Drag Link Assemblies are now powder-coated, rather than plated.

PCB-645 Shroud Adjustment Spring & Washer Update
New Spring underneath Shroud Adjustment Knob. New Rubber Washer ontop of Shroud Adjustment Knob.

PCB-644 Delta-Q Charger Update
New Charger used for: Onboard Charging, AGM Batteries, International AC Voltage, and California CEC Specifications.

PCB-643 Cylindrical Hopper & Crow Feet Update
Cylindrical hoppers removable from either side (left or right). Cylindrical models now have a crows foot tool standard for easy access and repairs to motors.

PCB-642 Yellow Poly Drain Saver
All scrubbers are switching over to a Corrosion Resistant Yellow Poly Drain Saver.

PCB-641 ZerO3 & Suds Options
New ZerO3 and Suds combination options available on machines. New standard Inline Solution Filters for machines.

PCB-640 Sport Tank Updates
Increased tank dimensions and capacity for the standard tanks to more easily qualify which machine an End-user should purchase and bring popular features from larger Carbon/Hero down to the smaller Sp…

PCB-639 Carbon & Hero Smaller Tank Updates
New smaller dimensions and capacity tanks available as no cost option for the Carbon & Hero tanks. Designed for smaller operators, ergonomics and visibility.

PCB-638 Recon & MicroMini Tank Updates
New Stainless Steel Baffle standard. New drop-in Float-ball screen and enlarged Float-ball. New white Vacuum Filter. Retractable front fill-hose.

PCB-637 EDGE Grip Face & Aluminum Plate Updates
New standard grip face for premium adhesion. New Aluminum Driver Plate prevents liquid contaminants from accessing the Eccentric Bearing.

PCB-636 Extension Drain Hose & Jaw Roller / Hinge Revisions
We now offer a new optional 5:1 expandable, drain hose extension as well as we have revised our Jaw design to allow for better clearance as well as adjust-ability.

PCB-635 New Squeegee Standards
With the production of our new style squeegees, we now introduce 2 new sizes: the 33" and the 39".

PCB-634 1706 Error Code / Inline Solution Filter Change
The purpose of this Product Change Bulletin is to inform about new programming parameters required on our new walk behind scrubbers as well as a new Inline Solution Filter mesh.

PCB-632 XR Two-Tank Assembly Update
To inform about the new standard Two-Tank parts that begin on June 11th, 2014. Serial Break Point for Two-Tank parts: #83086. If Tank-in-Tank (Old Style) is still requested, this can be added with t…

PCB-631 GTX Two-Tank Assembly Update
To inform about the new standard Two-Tank parts that begin on April 15rd, 2015. Serial Break Point for Two-Tank parts: #83479. If Tank-in-Tank (Old Style) is still requested, this can be added with …

PCB-633 Rocker Switch & QR KeyChain
Standard Water Proof Switches and Serial Specific Key Chains with QR Codes.

PCB-630 Walk Behind EDGE Tires
To inform about the new standard and optional tires available for Walk Behind EDGE Machines that begin on February 1st, 2014. Serial Break Point for Standard Tires: #75615

PCB-629 Tomcat Model GT & VR Floor Sweepers
To inform about the new models of Floor Sweepers as well as the new standard tires and new standard Control sticker for Walk Behind Sweeper Machines that begin on February 1st, 2014.

PCB-628 Tomcat EDGE Eccentric & Isolator Change
To inform about the new standard Eccentrics for EDGE Machines that will start on January 3rd, 2014 as well as to inform about the new standard Isolators for EDGE Machines and that Warranty on Isolator…

PCB-627 Scrub Deck Levels
To inform about the causes and consequences of a unleveled deck, how to level a deck, as well as mention all Machine Models where Deck Levels are now standard.

PCB-626 EDGE Grip Face & Solution Feed Tube Updates
PCB-626 has been released and highlights the following improvements to EDGE Machines: New, more durable Grip Face with increased performance. Stainless Steel Solution Tube that provides more consisten…

PCB-625 EDGE Upgrades
This bulletin goes through all of the recent EDGE updates that we have incorporated into our designs to better handle our Polishing and Grinding work with Marble, Terrazzo, and Concrete.

PCB-623 EDGE Isolator and Eccentric Replacement
This bulletin details the different kits for servicing the isolators and eccentrics on EDGE machines.

PCB-622 XR Vac Filter and Tank Updates
XR machines are now shiping with a newly designed vac filter & tank.

PCB-621 Micro Mag Actuator Standard
Brush deck actuator is now standard on Micro machines. A retro fit kit is available for machines built with foot pedal.

PCB-619 Tomcat Website Changes and Udates
We have upgraded our website in many ways over the last couple years. This bulletin will help show what’s new and what’s changed.

PCB-617 Dedicated Switch Boot Color
We now have dedicated colors to the options that go along with our scrubbers

PCB-616 Adjustable Float Bracket
We found that some machines in some applications were making to much foam in the recovery tank causing the vacuum motor to be shut off prematurely. This change allows the vacshut off float bracket to …

PCB-615 TR Jackshaft
The new design eliminates the weld that could warp the machined tube which contains the bearings. We also made changes to the bearing tube to use 2 instead of 3 bearings and improved engagement betwee…

PCB-614 XR Rear Tire
The new moderate durometerpoly tire offers a better balance of traction and reduced rolling resistance. This will lower the current load on the traction motor and thus reduce internal wear on the moto…

PCB-613 GTX Rear Tire
The new moderate durometerpoly tire offers a better balance of traction and reduced rolling resistance. This will lower the current load on the traction motor and thus reduce internal wear on the moto…

PCB-612 Magnum Tire Tread Update
Change of tread pattern on solid tires to improve gripping even on wet floors.

PCB-611 MiniMag Solid Tire
We decided to go with a different tread pattern and material to improve traction on various floor types. The improved tread pattern allows more gripping power even on wet floors. Also the grey tire …

PCB-610 Smoked Recovery Tank Lid
The changes made to the recovery tank lid are not only being tinted but it has a higher temperature resistance (270F vs 170F with clear lid). Also the tank lid gaskets have improved adhesion and the …

PCB-609 New Red Paint
New red paint is smoother and easier to clean. It has 15% gloss, which is the minimum we can get with the crinkle look, so its more susceptible to surface scratches, and care should be taken.

PCB-608 E-Coated Parts
In an effort to reduce or eliminate the ugly rusting that we’ve seen on older machines. E-coating is a 14 step process that involves complete submersion of the part and a coating that is many times mo…

PCB-607 Plated Sprockets
We changed the cylindrical pulleys from black oxidized to plated to prevent corrosion of metal. This keeps the sprockets from getting rusted in turn causing the belt to get worn faster.

PCB-606 New Wire Ends
We changed the ends that get crimped onto the ends of our battery cables to help in the prevention of the wires becoming corroded and thus causing them to not function. This is not a prevention to co…

PCB-605 Cylindrical Tower Roller Bracket Grommets
We added grommets to the bolts holding the tower roller bracket onto the cylindrical deck to act as a shock absorber to negate some damage from running the machine into a solid object.

PCB-604 Caster Upgrade
We have upgraded the casters used on the MiniMagand Magnum scrubbers. The new casters now come with a stronger rubber seal to keep grease in, and also dust caps to prevent debris from getting into the…

PCB-603 Strong Brush Core Material
Stronger brush core material.

PCB-602 Improved Toggle Switch
On September 1, 2010 we changed to an improved design on the toggle switches used on our machines beginning with Serial Number 57736. The new style uses a 1/2 boot that stands up better to normal usa…

PCB-601 Revised Broom Belt Tensioner
The design of the Broom Driver and the Broom Lateral Arm have been revised. Resulting in fewer problems with the main broom slippage on our sweepers.

PCB-600 Improved Design & Materials Cylindrical Brush Driver
In certain applications cylindrical brush drivers and inserts in the brush core have worn prematurely. (Image 1 A&B To increase durability in 2007 we both modified the driver to offer more surface a…

PCB-26 Push Button Switch Covers
We are now protecting the green push button with a clear rubber boot that fits around the switch. Walk Behind units will have the on the top dash as well as on handlebar buttons. Riders will have the…

PCB-21 New Recovery Tank Feature
We have added a part to control and eliminate the splashing caused by the recovery water being discharged into a full debris laden drain saver.

PCB-6 New Style Battery Boxes
2000, 3000, 290, 350 and 34 Series machines were built using a full capacity battery tray. The new battery tray has a drain hose attached to the bottom and can contain the full contents of the batteri…