• GTX Rider Orbital Scrubber

    A Tomcat EDGE® Floor Stripping Machine on a Ride-on Machine? Yep! If you got a lot of floor refinishing to do, this machine is the one to do it with.

    Tomcat EDGE® Commercial GTX Orbital Floor Scrubber
  • Tomcat EDGE® Ride-on GTX Orbital Floor Scrubber

    This rider machine allows the operator to be fully at ease while it does all the stripping, scrubbing, and cleaning up.

    Tomcat EDGE® Commercial GTX Orbital Floor Scrubber
  • Rider GTX Orbital Scrubber

    With the ability to run for up to 7 hours, this machine makes large area resurfacing, such as gyms or large corridors, a breeze.

    Tomcat EDGE® Commercial GTX Orbital Floor Scrubber
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